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Finding the Story

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Uncovering Human Truths

That build brand bridges.

We believe that brands and businesses that are built on human truths are geared for success.  We partner with our clients, be they manufacturers or agencies, to deliver meaningful human understanding as a basis for consumer based marketing and business strategies.

Strategic Insight



A Comprehensive Approach

Focused on developing a comprehensive understanding of the brand and the market it operates in.  Key is identifying underlying drivers of choice, and perceptions, beliefs and attitudes towards the brands on offer.  A foundation of knowledge for strategy, ideation  and decision making.



A Facilitated Approach

Facilitating your team through a rigorous  approach to gathering insight about opportunities and issues.  By participating in the insight development process,  knowledge and understanding is embedded in the team.  And, observations inspire ideas.  After all, insight starts with an eye.



A Learning Approach

Focused on exploring how ideas are received by consumers.  Appropriate for for new products, pack designs or marketing communications.  We work with agencies to iterate and recycle ideas based on consumer feedback to learn and optimise decision making.

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