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6 Top Energisers to Reset the Room

Time: 5-10 mins

Group Size: 5+

1. Group stands in a circle

2. Person A and Person B (standing next to each other) attempt to clap at the same time without talking

3. Person B then turns to Person C and the process of creating synchronised claps repeats around the circle.

4. Go around the circle a couple of times as the synchronisation will get better as people get more in tune with each other. Once working well, introduce the double clap

5. The double clap is where a pair agree, non-verbally, to clap twice and reverse the direction.

6. Continue until some level of mastery (or fall about laughter) is achieved

Good for starting the day (post ice-breakers) or on return from a break

Time: 5 mins

Group Size: 5+

1. Group stands in a circle

2. Person A chooses a category (brands of gin) and tells that to the person standing next to them (Person B)

3. Person B recites off three answers (if really doesn’t matter if they are right!)

4. When they’ve said all three, the whole group chants “Three things” and claps (twice is better I find).

5. Then Person B chooses a new category and the process repeats until everyone is done.

Good for starting the day (post ice-breakers) or on return from a break. You can use this as an ice-breaker by making the categories and answers things about each other (movies you love, favourite food, dream holiday destinations etc)

3. Count to 21 in a circle

Time: 5-10 mins

Group size: 8+

1. Get everyone to stand in a circle.

2. Group closes eyes or stares into the middle of the circle

3. The objective is to count to 21 without overlap – people have to guess when to say a number. If two people shout out at the same time you start again.

4. See how high you get.

Good for starting the day (post ice-breakers) or on return from a break. Good team bonding exercise to assess how in sync the group is. Compare a morning vs end of day session to see progress.

4. This is a …

Time: 5-10 mins

Group size 6+

1. Before the game: Facilitator has on hand three everyday objects (eg: a pencil, a key and a bank card) and assigns each a random name that are similar but not quite the same (eg: Kah, Key, Koi)

2. The group stands in a circle

3. The facilitator (Person A) introduces the first item to the person next to them (Person B) , saying this is a “Kah”.

4. Person B turns to them and says “A kah?”

5. Person A replies “A Kah”

6. Person B then turns to the next person and repeats the process. “this is a kah” and so on.

7. Let the object go around at least once before introducing the next object – so that there are two and then three objects circling around.

A simpler version of this game can be found here – but this is great for an afternoon pick up, to get brains back into a creative space and for bringing positive energy into the room.

5. Murder Wink (

Time: 5-10 mins

Group size: 10-30

1. Get everyone to stand in a circle.

2. Facilitator explains the objective and rules – someone will be chosen to be the wink murderer. The group needs to identify who the murderer is before they murder everyone. The murderer “kills” by winking at other team members. If you get “killed” you have to fall to the floor and die in dramatic fashion. Prizes given for the most dramatic death.

3. Get everyone to close their eyes and touch the shoulder of the wink murderer

4. Commence the game – people need to wander around the room, making eye contact and conversation and trying not to die.

5. The winner is the last person standing.

One of my favourite games - Play it in the afternoon once everyone has got to know each other a bit. Other versions of this game include spy-catcher.

6. Kiai (kee-ha)

Time: super quick!

Group – any size

1. Stand up

2. Everyone takes the horse-riding stance, with arms in an attacking pose

3. As a group, shout kee-yah (or whatever you like) whilst punching into the air

4. Make them go louder (breath from stomach)

Great for relieving tension and a quick burst of energy.

(Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash)


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